Leak Says Apple iPhone 7 Will Get Largest Battery Upgrade

By Staff  |  07/15/2016

iPhone 7 Renderings by Martin Hajek

The official iPhone 7 announcement is not here yet, but another big leak has surfaced.

Reliable source, Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowhereelse.fr, recently revealed that Apple's next generation iPhone will receive the largest iPhone battery upgrade in the line's history.

The previous, largest battery increase was from the iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 (250 mAh), but it was to to accommodate the jump from a 4-inch to 4.7-inch display... so it didn't exactly equel better battery life. However, the iPhone 7 upgrade is said to be much different, though details aren't known at this time.

Hemmerstoffer says the iPhone 7's battery capacity will jump over 14% compared to the iPhone 6S.

Stay tuned for more info...