Pokémon GO!

It’s no secret that Pokémon GO has gone viral. But, it’s become such a phenomenon, it’s now the biggest mobile game in the U.S. … ever.

According to to data from SurveyMonkey Intelligence (via Forbes), the game has garnered 21 million active daily users, edging past Candy Crush Saga’s 20 million peak active user count in the US.

The data also shows that Pokémon GO is on track to surpass Snapchat’s active daily user numbers on Android devices within a couple days.

And, the augmented-reality game will also pass Google Maps active daily users on Android. Ironically, people are using maps to find Pokémon more than anything else.

Furthermore, Pokemon GO has become more searched on Google than the word “porn”.

In addition to have more active users, data from SensorTower (again via Forbes) shows that the game is killing Facebook in user engagement.

But, while its beating out social media apps, it falls short when it comes to time spent playing other mobile games. Game of War boasts a whopping 2-hour daily usage average, while Candy Crush Saga averages around 43 minutes. Pokemon Go averages 33 minutes.

SensorTower reports that Pokemon GO is making around $1.6 million per day, and that revenue estimate is limited to iOS only.

Have you played Pokemon GO yet? What are your thoughts?