Max Kellerman Replaces Skip Bayless on ESPN’s “First Take”

Max Kellerman

Nearly three weeks after Skip Bayless left ESPN’s First Take, a replacement has been named: Max Kellerman.

The longtime boxing commentator and ESPN personality will begin hit sting on the show with Stephen A. Smith on July 25.

As part of the job, Kellerman will leave his position as a co-host of ESPN2’s SportsNation and of ESPN Radio’s Max & Marcellus show.

“I’m thrilled to join the excellent team at First Take,” Kellerman said in a statement. “Years back, on-the-air and in the hallways of ESPN Radio New York, Stephen A. and I would engage in detailed and thoughtful discussions on sports and every other topic you can imagine. To do that again, now for the First Take audience, is going to be a lot of fun.”

In a statement of his own, Smith welcomed his new partner. “I’m ecstatic to have Max on board. We’ve known one another for years. We worked at ESPN New York together and we both love our boxing. More importantly, Max is smart, quick on his feet and is never — ever — afraid to go at anyone. Just the kind of partner I wanted. It’s time! Let’s go! Can’t wait!”

  1. Kellerman is pompous, condescending, often uncivil, and can’t shut up. He is a sort of mirror image of
    Stephen A.

  2. Like Max…he’ll be good for FT.
    Saying that, the show is a kiss up by Stephen A. to all blacks. Everything is racist to SA.
    Does he bow to a statue of Lebron every day? He’s made it a reverse racism forum, along with Molly (a muslim?)..who wishes folks Happy Ramadan. Maybe it’s just me..but Ramadan isn’t a real happy time in the world.

    Hope Max doesn’t follow the company line..something tells me he’ll have to…like all the others have.

  3. Actually, not a bad choice for the type of show that First Take is.

  4. Not as disquietingly dour as Bayless, but more pompous and condescending.

  5. And you will still watch and then post how stupid the show is.

  6. I watch only when I am on the stationary bike at the gym; even then, I switch channels from one banality to another.

  7. Stephen doesn’t pick and choose all the topics. It has to be able what is debatable and will get rating. It’s not like he brings up a race issue all the time.

  8. What a joke? What is the joke nothing I said way funny. I mean man the way you put it you make it sound like he talks about race every single topic which is not true. In fact the only time he normally brings up race when it a race related topic. I’m sure you will here a little something about a race problem here and there. However don’t for one second thing he is doing all the time on the show.

  9. He defends all black blacks, players, managers, etc. If a black gets fired, its racist. If a black doesn’t get hired, it’s racist.
    S.A. is a racist..plain and simple.
    He thinks way too much of himself..
    God hasn’t called him to judge the world
    And he is a clown and a joke..
    He’s gifted, but choose the race card. As Charles Barkley said ” there’s white racist and there’s black racists”

  10. Stephen A is the same douche canoe who owes Patrick Kane and the entire Blackhawks nation a massive apology for saying if Patrick Kane was black, he’d have been in prison for 20 years before the first DNA test came back. That douche canoe is easily the worst, most racist piece of filth ESPN puts on the air, and continues to do so because they can’t fire him without pissing off the entire politically correct and he brings in viewers because he’s a loudmouth a-hole with a vendetta against everyone not named Stephen A Smith. Any issue he can square into a conversation on race, he does. Not sure which Stephen A Smith you’re watching, but the guy’s a prick.

  11. I’m watching the Stephen A Smith who doesn’t talk about race issues race all the time. I’m not sure how you got his personality out of me saying he doesn’t talk about race issues all the time. I never said he wasn’t a douchbag. Yes that is my point any time there is a a conversation which is doesn’t do all the time. If it doesn’t relate to the debt at hand he won’t talk about it. Um no, they can fire him easy, but ESPN gave him a new contract. He only accepted because he thought Skip was staying. He is from New York that is gererally how they talk. No they brough in viewers because of the crazy debts him and skip had. I don’t know what First Take you’re watch.

  12. U have no clue. Racism absolutely exists in America. The only white man to adnit to being racist is a KKK member. Ppl act like racism isn’t a reality. Stephen A speaks on race when relevant. He is very insightful

  13. You seem to have a lot of racial angst. I’m not so sure that your judgement can be counted on as to determining what a racist is. Talking about race doesn’t make a person racist, but it seems that you think so. I’ve seen Stephen A. go various ways on racial issues as opposed to one way which you allude to in your diatribe. Are you tired of hearing about racism? Do you think Black people are just making it all up? I mean, what is your axe to grind? Are you racist?

  14. Lol, but no black racists, right??
    Believe u will c several thousand Soros funded hate filled racists rioting..errr, marching as a BLM movement in Cleveland.

  15. What is “a black?” Because your use of language is saying so much about you. Also you need to learn the relationship between prejudiced and racist. Black people are literally unable to be racist in American society. Now is Stephen A. pompous? Undoubtedly. But you clearly have other issues that you’re focused on, like your implicit/explicit bias.

  16. Let me guess, you’re a conservative. So, since you have the discernment to detect a racist, is Donald Trump a racist? I mean, if Stephen A. meets your benchmark, then Trump must leap over it? And if Trump does not meet your criteria, please explain why not. This should be interesting one way or the other.

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