Here’s How Much Your Old Pokémon Cards Are Worth

While some are just now becoming familiar with the Pokémon franchise, thanks to the explosion of the new mobile game, Pokémon GO, it’s been around for over three decades.

It first began as a video game, and has evolved into much more, including a trading card game that original launched back in 1999.

And, if you played the Pokémon card game from the beginning, and still have some of your cards, they could be worth a lot of money.

Twizzle has put together a helpful infographic, highlighting how much certain cards from those original sets are worth. First edition cards (1999-2000) are worth the most, with a Pikachu Illustrator Card being valued the most… at around $100,000 USD.

Check out the Pokémon infographic below:

Pokémon infographic

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