Manny Pacquiao to Unretire to Fight This Fall

Manny Pacquiao

Although Manny Pacquiao claimed retirement in April, it didn’t last long.

His promoter Bob Arum told ESPN this week that the boxing star will return to fight again on either Oct. 29 or Nov. 5 in an HBO PPV card in Las Vegas.

Currently, Arum says there is no set opponent, but did confirm that it would not be rumored foe Adrien Broner, because his asking price was a “crazy number.”

Pacquiao announced his retirement on April 9th, following a unanimous decision victory in his third fight against Timothy Bradley Jr.

After the win, he won a seat in the senate, which has been keeping him busy… but apparently, he’s not done boxing yet.

“Manny wants to come back. The problem is he can only come back if it doesn’t interfere with his senate duties,” Arum said. “We had penciled him in for Oct. 15 at Mandalay Bay but we were informed that is no longer possible because he has to spend that week leading up to Oct. 15 formulating the budget in the senate and doing the votes.

“So he has to be there for that week, so that knocks out that week. He can’t mess around with that. So now we’re looking at Oct. 29 or Nov. 5. The question is building availability because we want to do the fight in Las Vegas.”

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