Joe Budden
via Instagram / Joe Budden

After a pair of diss tracks, Joe Budden has yet to get a response out of Drake… but he’s trying really hard.

Over the weekend, the New Jersey rapper took to Twitter to taunt Drizzy with a series of tweets… that he’s since deleted.

“I’m gonna bar this n*gga to oblivion…..” Joe tweeted.

“I’m an addict… We’re obsessive compulsive… & im charged up. 😊”

“@Drake U charged down ?”

There’s more. Budden goes on to call out Drake for going after Tyga and Meek Mill, but insinuates that he’s scared of him.

“He was SUPER aggressive w Tyga tho lol smh,” Joe writes.

“Didn’t u fake fucks cheer in amazement when dude bullied bum ass Meek ? Did the rules change ? Lol”

“Serenade me……… I ain’t Meek.”

Budden later explained that he could care less about Drake’s huge fanbase.

“Can’t kill my career, I’m a podcaster… I just rap better than the soft n*ggaz y’all worship. #WeHereNow”

“They don’t like me now……. I haven’t been liked since 02… Shocker shocker lol”

“The n*ggas that’s gonna buy my sh*t are the same n*ggas that’s been buying my sh*t, f*ck OVO”

He also hints at “Making a Murderer Pt. 2”, before signing off. Will Joe keep going? Will Drake ever respond?