Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi opened up in a lengthy interview on Apple Music.

In a sit down for OTHERtone, with hosts Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener, the rapper discusses his career ups and downs, struggling with addiction, and working with legends.

Below are clips from the interview, as well as Q&A excerpts:

On drug addiction: “I didn’t like that I had money and success and I had made it and everybody I had ever met in my life, good people, weren’t able to experience the same. I wasn’t able to truly enjoy my success. Even though I worked hard for it, it bothered me that I had so much success and my friends didn’t. It was hard for me to enjoy it. I’m getting emotional now. Truthfully, it didn’t seem fair.”

On idolizing dead rock legends: “Not being able to talk to another human alive that really got what I was dealing with, I became obsessed with all the greats that could’ve possibly been dealing with the same thing psychologically. I dove into Morrison, Hendrix, Kurt early on, and got obsessed. I was like, ‘These are my heroes. They understand me. If I die this way, this is destiny.’”

On his first session with Kanye West: “I already met him in passing but this was the actual up close and personal ‘Yo, what’s up? Welcome, man. You ready?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ ‘Alright, I got some beats I’ma give you on the thumb drive… He comes over with the thumb drive like, ‘Just have fun.’ I’m like, ‘Alright.’ I start vibing. Eight of the most wonderful beats. I think seven of them were used on the album. They all got used. The first beat I listened to, I’m like, ‘This is dope as f*ck. Of course, it’s Kanye West. What the f*ck am I gonna do?’ This was, ‘Hey man. We’re working on [Jay Z’s] Blueprint 3. We want you to write hooks.’ That is the song, essentially. Go!’ No deal really. We were kind of still figuring it out but no deal.”