LeBron James

Following his decision to join the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade co-hosted Live with Kelly in NYC Thursday morning … and revealed some funny info about former teammate LeBron James.

When asked by Kelly Rippa, who the cheapest player in the NBA is, he answered without hesitation: LeBron James.

According to Wade, LeBron is so cheap, he won’t use his phone roaming is active.

“He doesn’t use his cellphone, off the boat, if there’s no Wifi. He doesn’t mess with data roaming. This is no joke,” he explained. “He’s like, ‘Imma send this text before I leave the boat, because there ain’t gonna be no Wifi probably.’ I’m like, ‘We just rented a yacht and you flew private here.’ Okay…”

Maybe LeBron should ask the Cleveland Cavaliers to throw in a company phone with unlimited data in his new contract?