iPhone 7 Renderings by Martin Hajek

More info about the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 7 is here, specifically regarding its storage.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sources in the supply chain for Apple have confirmed that the company will scrap the entry level 16GB iPhone, in favor of a 32GB edition. So, this would rearrange the iPhone tiers from to 16/64/128GB to 32/128/256GB.

With the influx of sharing photos and video, as well as the increased camera and video resolutions, this was long overdue.

Running out of space has been a problem for all of us. Apple’s iOS alone consumes 3GB of space, leaving just 13GB before a user even starts. Also, the OS need 1GB kept free so it can update, so now you’re left with just 12GB. If you’re a mobile gamer, some individual iOS games can use up to 4GB of space, while 4K video consumes 375MB per minute (1080p video consumes 200MB per minute) and 12MP photos are 3-4MB. Either way, you’re outta space quick.

Can’t wait to upgrade! What about you?

Here’s how pricing will likely work out, also according to the report:

iPhone 7: $649 (32GB), $749 (128GB) and $849 (256GB)
iPhone 7 Plus: $749 (32GB), $849 (128GB) and $949 (256GB)