Dallas Police

Following the outrage over the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in two separate incidents by police, officers were shot in an ambush-style attack in downtown Dallas.

According to reports, at least one gunman opened fire on police from elevated positions, striking 12 — five of which were killed and seven others wounded. Two civilians were also injured in the shooting.

25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson has been identified as one of the suspected gunmen in an ambush, who was killed by a police-controlled remote explosive device about 45 minutes after authorities began trying to negotiate with him. He reportedly told hostage negotiators that he was angry about recent fatal shootings of black men by police, wanted to kill white people, especially police officers.

Three other suspects — two men and one woman — have been detained by police, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said. It’s unclear what their involvement was.

President Obama has released a statement, calling the Dallas shootings a “vicious, calculated, despicable attack”. He described the killings as a “tremendous tragedy” and “senseless murders.”

“We will learn more about their twisted motivations,” Obama said of the suspects. “Let’s be clear: There is no possible justification.”