NBA & Tissot to Unveil New Shot Clock System

The NBA, alongside the official timekeeper Tissot, announced this week that it will unveil a new shot clock and integrated timing system at its summer league.

The updated shot clock, which is mounted to the backboard, includes the 24-second and game clocks as well as timeouts. It will also mark the first time that all 30 NBA teams will use the same system.

The system also will feature a transparent piece of glass, allowing fans seated within its sight line a less obstructed view through to the court.

The NBA says that a clearer display of numbers, combined with an integrated system that automatically sends data to scoreboards and video equipment, will result in more precise calls  by on-site referees and at the NBA Replay Center.

Players and fans also will notice that the block border around the clock is gone, and a solid yellow line will flash when the 24-second clock expires.

The NBA introduced the 24-second shot clock during the 1954-55 season as a way to speed up game play. The league has since made a number of enhancements to shot clock technology.

TISSOT became the Official Timekeeper of the NBA last October.