Diamond Supply Co. Owner Nicky Diamonds Robbed of $2M in Jewelry

Nicky Diamonds - Diamond Supply Co.

Nicky Diamonds, owner/founder of Diamond Supply Co., was robbed on Sunday (July 3) in a home invasion at his Hollywood Hills home.

According to CBS News, five armed intruders “roughed up” the clothing entrepreneur (real name: Nick Tershay) during the robbery and made off with more than $2 million in jewelry, as well as a pistol and rifle.

Nick was left with a knot on his head, according to reports, though authorities have not yet said if there were any other injuries.

The size of the heist surprised neighbors in the ritzy Hollywood Hills neighborhood, one tell CBS: “Why would you keep $2 million worth of stuff in your house?”

“He’s always got people staying there,” said another neighbor. “He’s got a lot of friends. So it could’ve been anyone.”

Nick’s friends said he moved into the expensive neighborhood last year.

According the Zillow, the home is on the market for $8 million.

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