Joe Budden

Joe Budden has the Internet talking, after releasing an impressive diss track, taking aim at Drake and Meek Mill.

Titled “Making a Murderer (Part 1)”, the New Jersey rap vet offers some direct shots at Drizzy, which Budden says was recorded to inspired him again.

Budden stayed on the offensive following the track’s release, throwing some jabs French Montana’s way on social media.

French allegedly has a track with Drake dissing Budden, which was previewed a few weeks ago on Instagram, but has yet to materialize.

Apparently, Budden couldn’t wait for its release and took matters into his own hands. On Twitter, he explained that French is to blame for the new track.

He then followed, tweeting (since deleted): “French, I’m talking to the ppl who can rap… Mind your f*cking business.”

In a series of tweets to follow (also since deleted), Budden also calls out unnamed rivals. “I’m not here to make friends. You rappers wanna do everything but rap… Repent. Y’all keep subbing, I’m rapping.. Directly. Y’all made the monster, now deal w it,” he wrote.