DMX Says He Now Appreciates Drake

By Staff  |  06/28/2016


DMX appeared on The Breakfast Club this week, where he discussed a wide variety of topics, including a change of heart regarding Drake.

In the past, the rap vet hasn't been shy about his distaste for Drizzy's music... but has grown to appreciate the Canadian rap star.

During a 2012 Breakfast Club interview, DMX said he didn't like Drake's music, his face and/or his haircut. But now, four years later, his opinion has changed.

"I did always say that he was a talented lyricist, but I was not a fan," X said, before explaining he got a call over a sample for "U With Me?" from Drake's VIEWS album. "You didn't like this guy for all the wrong reasons... For him to want to use a song of mine, and then to be man enough to make that call, that was a real move. It took a man to make a move like that. I salute him for that."

DMX said Drake told him, "Yo man, you raised us, man". He called it a "humbling" experience.