Tru Life Talks About Street Life Sending Him To Prison, Past Rap Beefs

By Staff  |  06/27/2016

Two months after being released from prison, Tru Life sits down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his life and career.

During the interview, he talks about not being able to leave the streets alone, resulting in him being locked up, despite being on the verge of blowing up.

"It's been like a curse," Tru Life explained, referring to his life in the streets. "It's crazy, I come from a place where you felt like I wanted to be an artist that was gonna give back to my neighborhood and show the kids I'm stil there. I see a lot of people leave. They get successful and they move out and leave. Maybe that was my downfall. I really wanted to try to help out my neighborhood and it kinda backfired on me. It kinda led to me going to prison, just being so involved with my neighborhood, and with people. I didn't really understand the concept and that time. I had to learn the hard way. It really don't mix. The streets and [the music industry] don't mix."

During his peak, Tru Life was involved in a number of music industry beefs, from the likes of Jim Jones to Mobb Deep. But, with time to think about it during his incarceration, he's grown and holds no more ill will.

"We ain't got beef with nobody," he explained. "We ain't really had conversations [with past rivals], but it ain't really nothing on my behalf. I ain't chasing no fake controversy to try to get hot. I ain't doing no disses or nothing like that. I'm done with all that. You live and you learn. I done moved on. I've grown a lot since then and I'm in a different space. I've been through a lot in my life and I'm trying to do it the right way this time."

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