5 Best Subscription Services For Men

By Staff  |  06/27/2016

5 Best Subscription Services For Men

For most fellas, a day of shopping for our essentials is not a chore we look forward to. Let’s face it, shopping for razors or socks is the last thing we wanna do. Luckily, there's a long list of subscription services that offer a wide variety of options that deliver the quality you need and on a consistent basis (without having to think about it). So, we’ve done the research and are highlighting a handful of services that not only help in keeping your swag up, but are also easy and convenient to use, offer the best quality, and are essential in helping you stay on top of your game.

Like our previous top lists, such as our top white sneakers for summer or top BBQ essentials, we meticulously scoured through available subscription services and narrowed them down to our top five picks, in partnership with Gillette, that are guaranteed to keep you flush with the items you need.

Gillette Shave Club

Gillette Shave Club - $24.95/4 months

Shaving is a necessity, but shopping for razors isn’t always the highest priority on our list of to-dos. A subscription service is the solution and the Gillette Shave Club has been a godsend for us, so it lands atop our list. Among other shave clubs on the market, Gillette sets itself apart for two simple reasons: value and quality. A better shave always trumps the competition, and Gillette's razors offer this and then some. For us, the Gillette Fusion ProShield has become a go-to, thanks to its superior quality over other blades we’ve used in the past, while offering innovations like a precision trimmer for sharp edging and dual lubrication bars. Thus, resulting in one of our best shave experiences. In addition to quality, value is another bonus, adding both the razor handle and shaving gel to your delivery, and from our experience, the razors last longer than average blades. Of course, convenience is the deciding factor in the equation, because when you’re out, you’re automatically sent out a fresh batch, saving yourself that annoying trip to the store.

As a member, there’s also a few perks, such as free products, grooming tips, and a shot at winning baller giveaways like sporting event or concert tickets. And lastly, if you take part in the Gillette’s "Refer a Friend" program, you can even save on your next order. So, for us, it’s Gillette Shave Club for the win!

Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy - $11/month

Socks have evolved beyond an essential to absorb foot sweat and into a fashion accessory. And if you're looking for a variety of options for your feet (and save on the wear-and-tear of actually walking to the local retailer), a subscription is your best bet... one of our faves is Sock Fancy. They deliver a uniquely-patterned sock to your doorstep each month. Camo, stripes and random shapes and colors are just a few that might show up, but the pairs will always be different from the last, helping to expand your sock drawer with options for any occasion.

Sneaker Freaker

Sneaker Freaker - $41/6 Issues

For sneakerheads, staying in the know about the latest releases is like breathing. While there's plenty of online resources for this, no one quite covers the culture like long-running, Australia-based magazine, Sneaker Freaker. From compressive stories about the histories behind a specific brand or model, to unseen collaborations, rare gems and in-depth interviews with notable figures in the culture or top designers, the magazine offers sneaker enthusiasts all the knowledge about the industry they’d ever need. The latest issue, for example, features a piece on the complete history about Pro-Keds, as well as 200 more pages of sneaker goodness. So, instead of picking up an issue sporadically, you can stay on top of your sneaker knowledge by subscribing to next six issues and never miss one of Sneaker Freaker's coveted issues.

Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post - $45/month

Bespoke Post is a unique subscription service that delivers a monthly "Box of Awesome," which contains items you probably didn't know you needed until they came, and now can't live without.  Each box is themed and curated with products in various categories. "Liftoff," for example, is filled with items for traveling, such as a Grooming Travel Set by Malin + Goetz, among others. You choose your first box, and Bespoke Post picks a new themed box for you each month moving forward -- including things like ties, Noleskin notebooks and leather belts to name a few. Best of all, each month ends up being a surprise in your mailbox.

Birchbox Men

Birchbox Men - $10/month

You gotta stay on top of your hygiene, because nobody wants to deal with the alternative -- not even your friends. And, this is where Birchbox can help. One of the OGs in the subscription services biz, their monthly boxes come filled with four "hefty" samples for each step in your grooming routine, from hair stylers to face washes to fragrances. And you can purchase any specific product you like online with free shipping. Cool deal, right?