Ian Connor Gets Into Fight With Theophilus London & A$AP Bari

By Staff  |  06/23/2016

Ian Connor

Social media maven Ian Connor got into a brief scuffle with Theophilus London and A$AP Mob's A$AP Bari in Paris on Thursday (Jun. 23)... and it was caught on video.

Though it's unclear what the issues are between Connor of the others, footage of the altercation popped up on social media, from Virgil Abloh's Off-White book signing at the Colette store.

In one clip, Conor is seen punching London in the face, while A$AP Rocky tries to calm the situation, and later, we see Bari punching Connor outside the store.



On Twitter, Connor threw some shots at London and Bari, though doesn't explain why the two have issues in the first place. "How Could I Beef With A N*gga I Surpassed In Every Which Way," he wrote. "And @TheophilusL You Went Broke Last Year and Started Doing Herion Plus You A Whole Child Molester and I Got Physical Proof In My Phone."

"I Dead Ass Devoted My Whole Life To Bari Until He Started Showing Signs Of Jealousy. Even When He Hated I Still Fed That N*gga," Connor continued.

In response, London accused Connor of trying to get publicity for the cameras, before promising to see him again. "Every time I see u I'm gonna f*ck you up, Evrytime u dirty f*cking rapist @souljaian #Eveytime," he tweeted, adding: Everything Bari did for u. Everything Virgil did for u. Everything I did for u. That's the thx we get? Word ?! @souljaian get security bro asap"