Bentley Showcases New Mulsanne Via 53 Billion-Pixel Photo

By Staff  |  06/23/2016

Unless you have some extremely rich friends, you've probably never even seen a Bentley up-close, much less marvel in its luxurious details.

Well, for those who haven't, the brand demonstrates the true extent of its legendary attention to detail on its Mulsanne Extended, via a 53 billion-pixel image.

Bentley recently pushed the boundaries of car photography by creating the world's most extraordinary car photograph, via the Gigapixel image you see in the visual above. It was captured by ten-strong team, led by acclaimed automotive photographer Simon Stock, as 697 smaller photographs. The image is so large that if it were printed out, it would cover an entire football pitch. And, thanks to its high-resolution, (4,425 times larger than the typical smartphone photo), viewers can zoom in so close that they can see the individual stitches of the headrests' embroidered "Winged B" logos.

The Bentley Mulsanne Extended is available now, carrying a pricetag starting at $403,000 USD.