YG Talks Eating Vegan, Falling Out With DJ Mustard


With YG’s Still Brazy album out, the rapper stops by The Breakfast Club morning show to discuss everything YG.

During the interview, the Bompton rapper talks about why he’s adopted a healthy lifestyle and embracing a vegan diet, what happened the night he was shot, and his falling out with DJ Mustard.

On his eating habits: “I be practicing vegan. I went vegan for like three weeks, four weeks straight… Yea, I’ve been off that Alkaline water heavy though. Just seeing our people getting cancer and dying from it, and hearing that’s the stuff we put inside of us is what’s causing this cancer. Nah, it’s the cancer thing, forreal, forreal.”

On falling out with DJ Mustard: “We just young, dealing with success… Me, Ty Dolla $ign and DJ Mustard was all homies and came up together. We was popping. We was from the same clique. Us three together, that come with a gang of young black males. When you got a gang of people around you, you start dealing with success and money. In any situation, it’s gonna be a little messy. Things started getting messy, like this person feeling this way, this person feeling this type of way and you feeling that type of way. It’s like, ‘Well, that’s the homie, so I’m feeling that way’. It was all that. I knew it was something we were gonna go through.”

“It wasn’t even money. People was like, ‘Damn, he saying that? Or, he doing that? Forreal?’ All type of miscommunication. After hearing that, I ain’t picking up the phone to call nobody. It wasn’t no outside weirdos saying this, it’s homies. It’s like, ‘What? I know 70% of that is real.'”

Still Brazyย is out now, get your copy here.

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