LeBron James Reveals Secret Motivation For Cavs Championship

By Staff  |  06/22/2016

LeBron James

After leaving an established title contender in Miami to return to his hometown and promise a championship, LeBron James had a lot of weight on his shoulders.

But, after two seasons, he finally made good on his promise over the weekend, when his Cleveland Cavaliers brought home the city's first championship in over 50 years.

Following the celebration, James opened up to ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin about what his one secret motivation was ... that he only planned to reveal if they Cavs won it all.

“He wouldn’t name names,” McMenamin said, “but [there was] someone in Miami who told him—someone he trusted, someone he believed in—who said, ‘You know what? You’re making the biggest mistake of your career.’ He said it really hurt him to hear those words, and clearly, tonight, winning the third championship, bringing a championship to Cleveland, his hometown, he made, I think, maybe the best choice of his career.”

Now, with three titles under his belt (two with the Miami Heat and one with the Cavs), can he bring multiple championships to Cleveland?