Referring to Chance the Rapper? Vic Mensa Says Nobody Wants Beef

By Staff  |  06/14/2016

Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa had the Internet talking last week, when he posted a photo on Instagram and blacked out Chance The Rapper.

During an interview with Real 92.3, the G.O.O.D. Music seemed to address this (sort of), saying he doesn't have problems with anyone... and nobody wants a problem with him.

"I don't do my people dirty," Mensa said. "I just don't do it. So if somebody was wanting to beef with me, they wouldn't really have all that much ammo. They would have to start digging and making things up 'cause I just keep it really, really, really real with my guys and people that I move with, that I do business with. They'll testify I'm a hunnid."

On IG, Mensa posted a photo of himself, Jay Z and Beyonce, captioning the photo with "Birthday with friends", but Chance is noticeably blacked out of pic.

When asked, generally, about problems with other rappers, Mensa said: "I'm not worried about nobody at all. N*ggas don't want that type of problem with me."

There's obviously some sort of issue between the fellow Chicago rappers, but Vic Mensa isn't saying what... at least for now.v