Desiigner Details Being Shot At 14

By Staff  |  06/14/2016

With a smash single under his belt, via "Panda", Brooklyn rapper Desiigner links up with Genius for an interview in his hometown.

In addition to discussing his first introduction to music as kid, he also talks about being in the streets at 14 and being shot... which served as an eye opener.

"I was a bad kid. I was a hard head. I was in the streets, doing dumb sh*t... you know, the average stupid sh*t," Desiigner explains. "I got hit in my hip. It was little bit of blood. It wasn't no serious ... in and out, I was in the hospital 10 minutes, 30 minutes, you feel me? But, it was just that moment, like 'Yo, mind your business.' When they happened to me, it just was like, I knew I wasn't supposed to be there."

As Desiigner enjoys the buzz surrounding "Panda", he continues work on his debut album, titled Life of Desiigner, due out later this year.