Kobe Bryant Moonlights as Ghostbuster in New Ad Spot

Kobe Bryant in new Ghostbusters commercial

Wonder what Kobe Bryant has been doing with his time now that he’s retired from the NBA? In this new clip, we find out.

In a new ad spot for the upcoming Ghostbusters remake, the NBA star is seen in the KOBE INC. offices handling business, before he receives an emergency call on his private line.

“This is it,” Kobe says upon hanging up.ย He then hits a secret button under his desk, openingย a secret room behind the wall, where he suits up in his Ghostbusters gear. He then heads to the roof and hops into the Ghostbusters chopper, before flying to the Staples Center and saving it from cloud of ghosts.

“They said retirement was gonna be boring,” Kobe declares with a smile.

Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15.


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