YG Explains the Stories Behind his Tattoos

By Staff  |  06/10/2016

YG is gearing up for the release of his long-awaited sophomore album, Still Brazy, so as he makes his media rounds in NYC, he sat down for an interesting chat about his tattoos.

The rapper is heavily-tattooed, from his arms and legs to his back, chest and even head. During an interview with HighSnobiety, YG explains the stories and meanings behind some of his ink.

Below are a few excerpts from the Q&A, which you can read in full here.

On his YG neck tattoo and spider webs: It’s just a YG and a little sleeved-up type situation. It’s got a lot of smoke and guns firing off and a red spider web in the back with a spider under my chin. This just shows a different side of me, it kind of represents the wicked side of me. The web is connecting all of the other things like the gun firing, the YG, street poles and all that sh*t. It’s kind of showing all the parts of who I am.

On his "Trust Nobody" hand tattoo: I got it a couple of years ago because that’s how I was feeling. I was new to dealing with success, being from the streets and having people around me, I was the only one who was really getting money like that. So having so much sh*t going on in my life I really started feeling like I couldn’t trust nobody [sic]. And man, last year I got shot and I still don’t know who shot me. Real sh*t, to this day I don’t know, so this [trust nobody] is in full effect right now.

On his back piece: It says “Lost Angels” but people always think it’s Los Angeles. I’ve also got the baby angel with the mic right below it. I got this one to represent that I’m from Los Angeles County. I’m from a place where you come across a lot of good people that have good hearts, good souls and good intentions, but they’re surrounded by things that end up corrupting them. They end up doing all the f*cked up sh*t they’re around. So that’s what that tattoo is about, me being a lost angel, you feel me?