YG Details Evening He Was Shot in Noisey Special

By Staff  |  06/10/2016


It's been nearly a year since YG was shot in a Los Angeles studio, and as he gears up for the release of his anticipated, second album, Still Brazy, he opens up about the evening the shooting went down.

In a clip for an upcoming Noisey special, dubbed "YG and the Therapist", the Compton rapper details the events that led up to the shooting... and how he's been affected since then.

"I do a music. Imma artist and all that-slash-businessman. From the streets. So, when you start being successful, you start second-guessing a lot of stuff. Then, I got popped. Really don't know who popped me. I'm paranoid. I be saying some wild sh*t. My people's like, 'You need to go talk to somebody'," YG explains in the clip. "The past year-and-a-half, on my little 'I don't trust nobody campaign'."

YG maintains that he doesn't know who shot him, but recalls knowing something was wrong when he spotted a truck full of people he didn't know outside the studio he was recording at. "I seen some n*ggas outside the truck. I don't know these dudes... they like, 'I've been living here for like seven years, woo woo woo...' The spot we was in, it ain't been built for seven years. I know that, so in my head, I'm like, 'Aight. Red flag'."

Watch the rest of the clip below to hear how the rest of the events unfolded.

NOISEY Presents: YG and the Therapist airs Sunday, June 12 at 10 PM EST on VICELAND.