Bluetooth is About to Get Big Upgrade

By Staff  |  06/10/2016


Bluetooth technology has led the way for wireless gadgets of all varieties, from headphones to speakers. But, it's about to get much better.

Revealed in a leaked email from Bluetooth Special Interest Group executive director Mark Powell, the latest Bluetooth update is said to be one of the most extensive of the technology to date.

It is expected to offer widespread "support for smart home devices and enhanced Internet of Things (IoT) functionality, in addition to increased support for location-based connectionless services, such as assistive navigation beacons." Additionally, the update is expected to double the speed and quadruple the range of low energy Bluetooth transmissions.

It's currently unclear if Bluetooth 5 will come to existing devices or if it will require new hardware entirely.

Details will be announced on June 16, when Bluetooth 5 is officially unveiled in London.