Cristiano Ronaldo is 2016’s World’s Highest Paid Athlete

Cristiano Ronaldo

If you’re one of the world’s top athletes, you’re raking in big bucks, and no one made more over the past year than soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 31-year-old finds himself atop Forbes’ 2016 list of world’s highest-paid athletes, with earnings of $88 million over the past 12 months. That money comes from salary, bonuses and endorsements — $50 million just from Ronaldo’s contract with Spanish club Real Madrid, while his┬ádeal with Nike is the richest endorsement deal in the sport.

Fellow soccer star Lionel Messi comes in No. 2 on the list, with total earnings of $81.4 million, coming from his salary with Barcelona and a sponsor deal with Adidas.

LeBron James comes in third on the list with $77.2 million, thanks to a recently inked lifetime deal with Nike and his NBA salary.

Fourth is tennis player Roger Federer with $67.8 million, and Kevin Durant closes out the top 5 with $56.2 million.

Below is the top 10. See the full list at

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – $88 million.
2. Lionel Messi – $81.4 million.
3. LeBron James – $77.2 million.
4. Roger Federer – $67.8 million.
5. Kevin Durant – $56.2 million.
6. Novak Djokovic – $55.8 million.
7. Cam Newton – $53.1 million.
8. Phil Mickelson – $52.9 million.
9. Jordan Spieth – $52.8 million.
10. Kobe Bryant – $50 million.

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