Lil Yachty Describes Weird Dream About Troy Ave

Lil Yachty

In wake of Troy Ave’s murder case, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty apparently had a random, weird dream about the NYC rapper… which he shared on social media recently.

He took to Twitter to detail how he got on Troy’s sh*t list (in the dream world) and it became a nightmare, full of guns (some BB guns), set-ups and goons.

Read it below. It’s definitely one of the weirdest we’ve heard in a long while.

Wait so guys can I tell u about my dream last night?

Ok so basically Troy Ave had tweeted he wanted to snatch my chain and knowing me I wasn’t gonna let a nigga just tweet that so I snapped bck

So me and perry comes to New York for a show and Troy Ave gets word so we get told Troy ave puts a hit on us lmao

So for some reason everybody in my dream starts to look and sound like Troy ave as were in the lobby. So I have my manager check us in

And we secretly run to our rooms but we have pent house suites so the elevator kept stopping at each floor and each floor Troy Ave would..

Hitters so we had to fight out way thru each hotel floor so before the elevator door opens my DJ gives me and perry guns

So we think that we’re straight then we notice our guns have orange tips and that there BB guns so then we know that we’re fucked..

so we quickly search our bangs for black sharpies to color in the orange tips so they look like real guns ya kno? Lol so we find them and..

As were sitting on the elevator floor coloring the gun tips the elevator starts to move up as if someone in the hotel had pressed the button

So the elevator goes to the floor and 7-8 guys wit durags and big baggy clothes were waiting facing the opposite way at the elevator waitin

*ok first off* let me tell you every Troy ave hitter had the bag guest clothes like it was def jam fight for ny lmfao like idk why just wtf

Anyways we sneak out the elevator tip toeing in our Jordan’s past the guys then they turn around and spot us turning corner so we take off

Then we gotta jump in the emergency stare way. Like somethings gotta give

To make a long story short we never saw Troy ave and he wasn’t really worried bout us we was just paranoid lmao

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