Vic Mensa Talks Distrust of Police, Battling Depression

By Staff  |  06/06/2016

Fresh off the release of his There's Alot Going On EP, G.O.O.D. Music signee Vic Mensa visits Power 105's The Breakfast Club morning show.

During his interview, the Chicago rapper discusses the new EP, specifically addressing the cut "16 Shots", which talks about his distrust of police.

"I made the record, based on my experience fighting back in the streets in Chicago, after a kid named Laquan McDonald was murdered by a police officer named Jason Van Dyke -- emptied the clip on him, 16 shots," Mensa explains. "Super unnecessary. Then, they withheld the video, so the mayor could get re-elected. It's way close to home to me, it's not just something that I'm seeing in the news or feel detached from. It's literally one-degree of separation."

Later, Vic talks about battling depression, bringing awareness to social topics and much more.