More Women Accuse Ian Connor of Rape: 6 Total Now

By Staff  |  06/04/2016

Ian Conor

The claims are piling up for stylist Ian Connor, who has been accused of rape by another more women.

Back in April, two women came forward claiming the fashion figure had raped them, and now, three more have gone public with claims of their own.

According to The Daily Mail, 19-year-old Jenni Stampley (of Chicago) says she was attacked by Connor during a visit to Toronto in April; and 23-year-old Taryn Williams (of Redlands, Calif.) says she was raped by him in October 2014.

Williams claims Connor contacted her through social media and was friendly during online interactions, but attacked her when they met in person. "We spoke for a while just texting back and forth and he seemed like an OK guy -- he never talked about anything sexual, he never asked me for photos and he didn't even comment on my appearance," she told The Daily Mail.

She would eventually agreed to meet with Connor because of their shared interest in fashion, and that's when she says he took her back to his apartment and allegedly attacked her. "He tried to put his face down near my vagina, and I pushed him with my feet really hard and said, 'Don't, just stop it!'. It was at that point he grabbed my lower back and pulled me to him and he put his penis inside me," Williams recalled. "I pushed him out again and I said, 'Please no, stop. This isn't what I wanted, and you said this isn't what you wanted, why are you lying?'"

As for Stampley, she says she was also approached by Connor over social media, and he eventually offered to fly her out to New York, but she refused. Later, he offered to fly her to Toronto and she accepted.

Upon her arrival, she say there was no separate room, and that Connor immediately began pressuring her to get into bedy... and raped her as she told him no. After, she moved to the couch to sleep because she had nowhere else to go, because he had only purchased a one-way ticket and she had to wait for him to buy the other ticket to get back home.

Earlier in the week, Khadiata Diallo came forward, joining previous accusers Malika Anderson, Jean Deaux and one anonymous woman, bringing the total of rape victims to six.

Diallo's allegations prompted Connor to address the accusations, via a long Twitter rant, some of which has since been deleted.

You Can't Sabotage My Greatness Nor Could You Tarnish My Shine. Message To Male and Female Alike," he wrote in one tweet. "Like Bitch If You REALLY CARED You'd Be About Human Empowerment All Around Instead Of Singling Out N*ggas Due To Your Poor Choices," he then added.