Snapchat Passes Twitter in Daily Active Users

By Staff  |  06/02/2016

DJ Khaled on Snapchat

Looks like Snapchat has surpassed Twiter in daily active users.

According to Bloomberg, Snapchat is currently getting around 150 million people using the app each day. Twitter, on the other hand, hasn't disclosed daily figures, but in a recent earnings report, it estimates that roughly 44% of its 310 million monthly active users are active each day across the company's top 20 markets.

That's impressive growth for Snapchat, boosted by its popularity among youth. In just December, unnamed source reported 110 million daily users.

Twitter has long-been touted as one the largest social networks, second to only Facebook. But, with the popularity of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, it appears to be losing its spot among the top networks.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently said Snapchat is "very modern," while admitting that Twitter can, at times, be confusing and alienating... but the company is working hard at trying to fix this.

What do you think? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat? Which is your favorite?

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