Starbucks Nitro Brew

Starbucks is adding a new beverage to its menu with the introduction of its Nitro Brew coffee.

The Seattle coffee giant announced Tuesday (May 31) that it will introduce a nitrogen-infused version of its cold brew coffee, created to capitalize on the growth in chilled coffee drinks. Nitro Brew is injected with nitrogen, which gives it a creamier and richer taste than regular cold brew coffee. Oh, and it’s often served on tap like beer.

CEO Howard Schultz told CNNMoney that Nitro Brew “almost comes out like a Guinness beer. These are craft products, not dissimilar to the trend of craft beer.”

After a test run in the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room in Seattle, it became the second high-selling drink at the location. Now, Starbucks plans to roll out its Nitro Coffee at 500 locations across the nation in the coming weeks.