All-glass iPhone

Rumors of an all-glass iPhone in the future have been circulating since April, and now, we’ve gotten confirmation.

During its annual shareholder meeting, Allen Horng — chairman of long time iPhone chassis maker Catcher Technology– confirmed that Apple will make its 2017 iPhone using a glass casing, reports Forbes.

Horng said that using a glass chassis would prove expensive, because Catcher requires “advanced processing technology” to make the next-generation smartphone, while adding that the chassis would need to be reinforced by a metal frame.

He went on to also add that, as far as he knows, “only one [iPhone] model will adopt glass casing next year”, which would suggest that the model would be either be the iPhone Pro or iPhone 8 Plus (Apple is expected to skip the iPhone 7S moniker for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary).

Forbes reports that future iPhones will feature OLED technology and so-called “edgeless” displays to eliminate the top and bottom “chin and forehead” bezels, much like its smartphone rivals.

Stay tuned…