Video Surfaces of Troy Ave Firing Gun at T.I. Concert, Rapper Arrested

Troy Ave

Woah! A video has surfaced from the shooting that took place at Irving Plaza in NYC on Wednesday night (May 25), during a T.I. concert… and the shooter has been identified.

Surveillance footage, obtained by the New York Daily News, shows rapper Troy Ave walk into an area of the club and fires off a single shot off-camera.

The Brooklyn rapper has since been arrested in the shooting and charged with reckless endangerment and illegal weapons possession, but police are currently awaiting the result of ballistics tests before charging him with murder.

As previously reported, a 33-year-old man known as Banga, who is said to have been a close associate of Troy Ave, was killed after suffering a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Two others were also wounded in the shooting.

Troy Ave, who was scheduled to perform, had beef with fellow NYC rapper Maino, who had just left the stage when five shots rang out inside the club.

It’s unclear if he shot Banga (real name: Ronald McPhatter), who died at a local hospital shortly after the shooting. But, Troy accidentally shot himself in the leg during the chaos as well, sources said, and was driven to NYU Langone Medical Center in an SUV, where he was treated.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce tells the paper a brawl broke out backstage shortly after Maino finished performing.

Boyce said someone fired off five shots from a 9 mm handgun, but also said a revolver may also have been involved in the shooting.

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