Jacob Tamme

The NFL’s most hated isn’t Tom Brady or Cam Newton. It’s Atlanta Falcons tight end, Jacob Tamme.

A recent poll by SiriusXM NFL Radio named the 31-year-old player the player fans “love to hate” over Brady, Newton and Richard Sherman with 40% of the vote. But, it was Tamme himself who rallied fans on Twitter to help him win.

“I just happened to cross it and saw my name on it and said, ‘This is interesting,'” he tells ESPN. “And I said to myself, ‘I might as well win this thing.'”

“At that point, we just had fun with it,” Tamme said about discovering the list. “Since I was on it, I thought it would be neat to beat somebody. I kind of singled out Sherman because he was the closest one to me when I saw where I was in the poll. So I said, ‘Let’s try to get some more votes and beat out Richard Sherman.’ The next thing I knew, people went crazy.

“Not only did I get those votes, but all the reasons people put on Twitter were pretty hilarious and a lot of fun.”