Streetwear label Pink+Dolphin has teamed up with PUMA for an exclusive capsule, just in time for the summer months.

The collaboration resulted in a pair of unique colorways of the PUMA Suede Classic, alongside a range of apparel, including T-shirts, socks and even a jersey.

Leading up to the release, we had a chance to sit down with Pink+Dolphin designers, Cena Barhaghi and Neima Khaila, to discuss the partnership, the design story and if another collab is in the works.

Great partnership for the collection. Where did the idea come to play with PUMA?

Neima: For us, we’re always looking to collab with people we have relationships with and friends. We’ve built some really great relationships with some of the guys at PUMA, so it was really organic. We looked at it as a great opportunity to come together and do something special. It was about a year ago, we came up with the concept and Cena teamed up with the design and knocked it out.

Having Lil Yachty in the lookbook was awesome, he’s killing it right now. Why feature him?

Cena: Whenever we’re doing a new campaign, we try and find somebody who’s up and coming and we know will blow up and be bigger than they are right now. So, with Yachty, we all kinda identified him as somebody who’s rising and be that next dude.

Neima: And Atlanta is such a hub for music. we’re super tapped with their music. He’s just a representation of the youth.

The lookbook is on such a Baller Status level. You have Ferraris, a mansion, an actual puma and you put Lil Yachty on a lil boat. Why the scenery for this collection?

Neima: We just wanted to do something different, something really lavish and outrageous. So, we had him eating cereal in a robe in a mansion, chilling on top of Ferraris, eating sushi with the cat on the table and we him in the little boat in the swimming pool.

Where did the inspirations behind the designs come from?

Neima: The colors were all inspired by the deep sea and just the animals and corral reefs and all just wavy stuff. We’ve done a soccer-inspired collection before, so linking up with PUMA, we wanted to do a real soccer jersey. We wanted do a fashionable jersey and easier to wear, so we got to take advantage of PUMA’s awesome technology that they use on their soccer jerseys.

Can we expect another PUMA collab?

Cena: We got something in the works, something coming up.

The full collection will be available May 27 at select Footaction stores, and Pink+Dolphin.

Photos: Karen Capalaran/