While Stephen Curry’s partnership with Under Armour has catapulted the brand to new heights, it continues making moves, landing a massive deal with UCLA.

According to the L.A. Times, the brand has inked a 15-year, $280 million contract with the university — coming out to the biggest shoe and apparel deal in NCAA history.

Apparently, UCLA’s current contract with Adidas is set to expire next year…. and Under Armour came in with a deal that loved. “We knew that we were well-positioned to cut a deal,” said Dan Guerrero, the UCLA athletic director. “Under Armour came at us hard.”

Though full terms have yet to be disclosed, sources say UCLA will receive $15 million USD in cash up front and $11 million USD annually over the course of the deal. Also, Under Armour will supply the school with $7.4 million worth of clothing, shoes, and equipment each year, as well as $2 million USD over the next eight years for facilities upgrades.

The partnership with UCLA will begin in July of 2017.