Adrien Broner Says Mayweather “Not Relevant”, He’ll Surpass Him

Adrien Broner

Following his knockout win over TMT fighter Ashley Theophane in April, Adrien Broner continues hisย press run… and throwing shots at Floyd Mayweather.

During an interview with The Durtty Boyz, the boxing star brushed off a beef with his former mentor… and says Floyd is no longer his “big bro”.

“I felt like I was only hurting myself by calling him ‘big bro’. It’s good to look up to somebody, but when you big bro this and big bro that, that’s automatically putting you beneath them,” Broner explained. “Right now, I really have what it take to surpass him… enough though he’s still undefeated. If you’re not boxing, and people’s not watching you fight, you’re not really relevant. You still gotta do things to stay relevant, and right now, I’m the hottest sh*t out.”

Later, he saysย that while him and Mayweather are “cool”, they’ve yet to discuss the jabs they’ve taken at each other in the media.

“We still haven’t sat down and talked man to man about the way he felt about me, or the way I feel about the interview he did about me. So, he do him and I do me,” he explained.

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