NES games

Gaming exploded in the 1980s when the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) brought it into homes. More than three decades later, some of those vintage games can bring in big bucks.

While eBay is flooded with loose cartridges, pristine, unopened games can fetch thousands. For example, a copy of 1996’s Resident Evil for the PlayStation recently sold on eBay for $810 USD (14x times it’s original value) and copies of Super Mario Bros, the best selling retro game of all-time, are consistently selling for $250 USD.

With that said, recently put together an infographic, breaking down the highest prices paid for vintage games. At the top is an NES title from 1985 called Ice Climber. It sold around 1.5 million copies, and fetches over $2,560 USD at auction.

See the full infographic below. Also, be sure to check out just how much vintage comics books are worth today, which are a lot more than video games.

Retro Games Infographic