Floyd Mayweather Offers $50 Million to Conor McGregor for Fight

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

Wait!? Is this really happening? While it was believed to be just talk, Floyd Mayweather has reportedly put up a $50 million offer to Conor McGregor to fight, reports TMZ.

Here’s the details: Floyd is proposing a New Year’s Eve fight in Vegas, and word is, McGregor is on-board.

However, the MMA star cannot sign a deal, because he’s under contract with the UFC. So, Mayweather has to work out an agreement with UFC and its president Dana White.

TMZ says that $50 million will be less than half of what the take for the fight is expected to reach, so its unlikely White will accept lopsided offer.

If this is, indeed, true, there may be more negotiating on the way. Stay tuned…

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