Washington Redskins

There’s been a long-talked about debate whether or not the Washington Redskins name was offensive to Native Americans, but a new poll by the Washington Post found that 90 percent of Native Americans aren’t offended.

The poll points to an overwhelming majority of Native Americans considering it an unimportant issue.

The paper polled 504 people, who identify primarily as Native American from across the country, including those who lived on reservations and those who were not part of a tribe.

Suzan Harjo, the lead plaintiff challenging the team’s trademark protections, rejected the new results, saying it was an invalid way to surveying those in Indian country.

“I don’t accept self-identification,” Harjo told the Post. “People say they’re native, and they are not native, for all sorts of reasons. Those of us who are leaders in Indian Country … know who we are representing. We also know if we are representing a minority view. And this is not the case here. Our experience is completely the opposite of the Annenberg poll and this one. I just reject the whole thing.”

Redskins owner Dan Snyder has maintained that he won’t change the team name, which became a prominent issue after the 2012 season..