Just How Much Are Vintage Comic Books Worth Today?

Superman #1

While comic characters are a big hit at the box office, the original comic books those characters made their debut in can fetch a pretty penny… if you are fortunate enough to own any.ย But, just how much are vintage comic books worth today?

GoCompare has the answers. Working with comic book expert Duncan McAlpine of The Comic Book Price Guide, they’ve created an infographic they’ve titled “Comic Gains”, offering pricetags on the grails such as Superman #1, Batman #1, Captain America #1, Spider-Man #1 and the list goes on.

Some of these comics cost just 10 cents when they were released back in the 1930s and so on. Today, it’s safe to say, some are worth millions.

You can scroll through the infographic below to see how much they’re worth… and how much they’ve appreciated over the years.

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