The Internet is nuts! Conspiracy theorists recently dug up old footage from Mike Tyson’s 1995 comeback bout versus Peter McNeeley… and spotted a man in the crowd with that they believe is a smartphone.

Apple revolutionized the mobile phone industry in 2007 with the release of the 1st generation iPhone. Before that, the smartphone we know today didn’t exist.┬áSo, if the man in the video is, in fact, holding a smartphone, that means he had one more than a decade before the iPhone dropped.

How did he get it? “They” believe he’s a time traveler.

“What we have here is a time traveler coming back to watch their favorite fighter and sitting in the front row seats,” conspiracy theorist and UFO spotter Scott C Waring explains in the video above.

He goes on to offer commentary, arguing that the device is a smartphone, though he does admit that it also bears a striking resemblance to digital cameras that were available back then.

What are you thoughts? Time traveler? Or…