Charles Barkley Says LeBron, Kawhi Leonard Are the Best Players, Not Curry

Charles Barkley

Despite all Stephen Curry’s success, some still don’t believe he’s the best player in the NBA.

Following his second straight MVP award, the debate raged on. LeBron James threw some subtle shade, questioning the meaning of “valuable” in Most Valuable Player: should the award go to the best player in the league or to the player who is most crucial to his team’s success?

Now, Charles Barkley follows, offering his opinion on Curry, saying there’s two better players than him: LeBron and Kawhi Leonard.

“Listen, Steve Nash won two MVPs, and Shaq is pissed every time it comes up, you know, because he knows he was the best player,” Barkley said. “LeBron and Kawhi Leonard, to me, are the two best players in the world. Steph Curry is the best offensive player in the world.”

Barkley goes on to explain why, saying: “They’re better all around. Steph is the best offensive player, but if you actually watch the Warriors play, Klay Thompson always guards the best guard. That’s not a knock. Larry Bird wasn’t a great defender, Magic Johnson wasn’t a great defender, but they’re still probably two of the 10 best players ever.”

Are you still not convinced Steph is the best player in the league? Tell us why.

  1. Spot on by Barkley telling like it is and like it should be. Lebron has been the best for the past ten years he has been the John Cena. He still is the all around best but Kawhi Leonard is all around one of the greatest guys out there the past two seasons I would say he has been up there with Lebron even though Lebron is still the best, However in a couple years I think that Kawhi will be the new king and probably just as good as Lebron was but it is a stretch to say better because they’re aren’t many guys who even come close. Lebron is one of the all time greats and is trying to go down as the greatest. Obviously Jordan will always be the goat but Lebron is the king and if anyone could take the mantle it would be him as he is undoubtedly the most grand basketball player of this generation. Kawhi well he might be the guy for the next generation that is bestowed upon us. Curry is good the best 3 point shooter in the game and offensively is unstoppable but the guy can’t dunk. On D he is decent but nowhere near Lebron James or Kawhi Leonard.

  2. Curry ain’t the best player in the nba he’s the best shooter yeah but best player not even close Curry getting all this attention because of all the bad shots he takes and makes bottom line LeBron is still the best all around player in the NBA weather LeBron haters like it or not

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