President Obama and Macklemore

President Obama and Macklemore teamed up this weekend for the president’s “Weekly Addresss”, where they addressed the dangers of drug addiction.

“Deaths from opioid overdoses have tripled since 2000,” Obama says in the clip. “A lot of time, they’re from legal drugs prescribed from a doctor, so addiction doesn’t always start in some dark alley; it often starts in a medicine cabinet.”

Macklemore followed up, speaking about drug abuse and the overdose of his late friend, whom he references on his single “Kevin”, off his This Unruly Mess I’ve Made album.

“Addiction is like any other disease: It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care what color you are, whether you’re a guy or a girl, rich or poor, whether you live in an inner city, suburb or rural America,” he explained. “This doesn’t just happen to other peoples’ kids or some other neighborhood; it can happen to any of us.”

Macklemore and President Obama are set to continue the conversation in an upcoming documentary, dropping on MTV this summer.