Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj went off on her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels this week, claiming that he’s still trying to leech off her.

Apparently, Nicki says Safaree has (or plans to) file a lawsuit against, which prompted her to go on the attack.

Nicki took to Twitter latest Tuesday night (May 11) with a barrage of tweets going at him, accusing him of constantly emailing her, being greedy and even crying to her mother.

“Look what ‘men’ have become so that they don’t have to work. Fathers pls stay in your sons’ lives,” Nicki wrote in one tweet.

“I can’t even make my man happy for his bday w/o this low life trying to make our lives hell. He miss those gifts,” she later added. “LIKE I CANT EVEN CELEBRATE MY MAN BDAY W/O THIS MISERABLE SON OF A BITCH TRYING TO EXTORT ME!!!!!”

Nicki also threatened to leak emails.

Check out the narrative below.