Following his recent departure from OVO Sound, ILoveMakonnen’s frustrations with the music industry have reached a tipping point… and he’s announced his retirement.

The Atlanta musician took to Twitter over the weekend to reveal the news to fans.

“If I could release music how I wanted I wouldn’t retire, but then if did that, so many would have to to just retire, so ill accept retire,” Makonnen wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

“Nobody wants sneaky lady, nobody tryna hear that real music, so I need exit and let others prevail,” he later added. “No dream, the world doesn’t need Makonnen, the world needs people to be themselves like Makonnen… Ima let them have it, cus I have more to get, and I’m not greedy so that’s why I’ll leave and let y’all have it.”

At 26 years old and only one hit under his belt, via “Tuesday”, it’s unlikely Makonnen will stick to his statement.

Announcing retirement, and then, returning is a trend we’ve seen many times in the past…