Iggy Azalea

Grammy Award-winning producer Jon Jon Traxx is suing Iggy Azalea, claiming he helped her shoot to stardom, but was never paid.

According to TMZ, the producer is suing the rap star for, at least, $1.5 million, claiming he helped her get a record deal, among other things, and when she blew up, he was kicked to the curb.

Traxx says after Iggy signed to Def Jam in 2009, he helped nurture her career by “setting up shows, getting her a stylist and introducing her to influential record biz execs.” Then, he claims Iggy stopped talking to him.

By 2013, both sides agreed to terminate their contract, but with strings — meaning he’d be compensated.

However, Traxx says he was never paid… and has filed a lawsuit to collect.