Adrien Broner Says He’s Taking Over Boxing When Mayweather’s Done

Adrien Broner

As fans anxiously await a potential final fight for Floyd Mayweather, one boxer believes he will take over the spotlight once he’s done. His name is Adrien Broner.

In an interview with Vlad TV, the young boxer declared himself the successor to Mayweather when he retires for good.

“Floyd Mayweather, to be honest, he’s probably only got one more fight left and he’s out the game. So, his window is about to close, and then, a new era of boxing will start after he’s done. I think I will take over the sport of boxing,” Broner says.

When pressed about where his beef with Mayweather stems from, Broner explains that it was people within the TMT camp that started everything.

“If he the boss [at TMT] and he rocking with me, shouldn’t nobody over there have nothing bad to say about me,” Brorner said. “Even if they feel a certain way, they should never go on record saying it. It should never go public. … Like me, I’m my boss over here. Only I can say something about that situation. My dad, my brothers… they all wanted to go crazy. But, I’m like, ‘Nah, it’s over. Y’all ain’t about to say nothing bad about dude.’ ”

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  1. Most of the time he can’t make weight at 140. And when he does he fights the weakest in the division. Both times that he has moved up to 147 he got his clock cleaned. He can make a career of fighting tomato cans.

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