Kobe Bryant’s “Dear Basketball” Poem Turning Into Animated Short

Kobe Bryant

Less than a month into his NBA retirement, Kobe Bryant is hitting the ground running.

The NBA legend has inked a deal with Sport Illustrated to turn his love poem, “Dear Basketball”, into a short animated film, reports Variety.

In November, Kobe published his retirement poem on The Player’s Tribute. Now, it will turn into an animated film, featuring narration by Bryant, while Glen Keane, who worked a an animator on classics like Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Tangled, serves as director.

It is set to debut in the fall on SI.

“‘Dear Basketball’ is the perfect tribute to something I’ve loved for so long,” Bryant in a statement. “Working with Sports Illustrated on this special project is an amazing opportunity to hopefully inspire fans all over the world.”

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